ABA offers hosting services for training providers, trainers, and consultants. Visit ABA’s Learning & Testing Hosting Portal 

Interested professional trainers and institutions may purchase a learning hosting  plan with ABA to create and administer educational modules or training courses on ABA’s portal. Here how we can help you:

  • You would provide the learning material and fill out our hosting survey.
  • ABA will create the online course for you; including the course outline, training sessions, exercises, assignments, quizzes, and final exam. 
  • ABA will also setup the student registration mechanism for your students.
  • ABA will assign you a trainer account with online lecturing support.
  • Your students may log into the assigned online course and enjoy all online learning features such as: learning online, downloading learning material and presentations, responding to inquiries, interacting with the trainer and other students, sharing ideas, contributing to practical projects, responding to assignments, taking quizzes, and sitting for the final exam.
  • ABA will issue electronic certificates of achievement on your behalf with your logo and credentials.

Email us: ABA@AmercianBusinessAcademy.org

This special program is being hosted at ABA's learning & testing hosting portal.

Earn three progressive ABA-certificates (A, B, or C). Learn Python in a practical way:

... A fundamental understanding of the Python programming language.

... Tools & techniques for confidently applying Python codes.

... Pre-requisite Python skills to move into specific branches - Machine Learning, Data Science, etc..

... Python Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) skills.

... Experience shared by professional software developers.

This is an ABA-developed, nonaccredited, non-degree, no-credit qualification program, offering ABA-developed leadership knowledge and skills.

To register, email: ABA@AmericanBusinessAcademy.org